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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 5, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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when evening will whittle and. the us the idol welcome to nhk world news line and you know tawny and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. the us defence secretary lisa on the keys to keep china's newly declared air defense identification zone. and if the world through go inside the heat you can show you that it is a complex
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operation to revoke the nuclear fuel. and south koreans generally preferred by now more and more people are turning to his bicycle us defence secretary says the biggest concern for washington is how china declared its air defense identification zone track a goal said. other countries should have been consulted on him first. it's not good the news itself is new. or unique. he is concerned we have. is how it was. and i'm so new lateral. and so immediately without any consultation last month chinese defense official said all foreign aircraft traveling through this all must give prior notice and follow orders or face emergency measures a goal said the declaration was not a wise course of action joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey said the requirements do not
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conform to international norms. it wasn't the declaration of the ages that actually it was de stabilizing or was their assertion that they would cause all aircraft entering the aid is to report regardless of whether they want to or intending to enter into this chowder and fish china on wednesday us vice president joe biden discuss the sun with chinese crested changing thing in the chain biden said the united states has deep concerns about the zone and does not recognize that. the ears on includes a group of islands that the pan controls in china and taiwan will claim japanese leaders have urged for the declaration to be withdrawn. us vice president joe biden is now in seoul on the final lag on a three nation tour of asia. before leaving the team he used his visit to try to build stronger relations with the chinese government meeting with community coach on. biden spoke of how far
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interactions between the two countries have come over the past three decades later this month will mark the thirty fifth anniversary of relations between the us and china are merely said developing those ties even further. well they just of neutral interest but would benefit the world. biden will meet friday with south korean preston parker man. south korea is considering expanding its air defense identification zone to include its southern islands and the underwater rock the new era defense zone would overlap those of japan and china. south korean defence ministry came quite can explain the plan at a parliamentary meeting on thursday kim said the government is considering incorporating areas around its southern islands of iran though and home to go into the zone. south korea's airspace over the silence overlaps japan's air defense identification zone. kim also
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said an underwater rock called he'll go in south korea should be included in the refined so that also claims the submerged rock and included it in the air defense identification zone a declared last month. japan also includes the rock in its era defense sell. thursday marks the eighty sixth birthday of thailand's widely revered king kong the palm of june the day. he called for solidarity in a televised address during a break in anti government demonstrations he did not refer directly to the political turmoil. cut the big us reports from bangkok the democracy monument near one of the home spouses. it is one of the sites where massive anti government protests. i miss her lots and lots had been steamed until tuesday. but now and it looks totally different. large photographs
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of the case have been posted here here and the streets are decorated with lights and ornaments to put this festive mood. here is that with people celebrating his birthday. many are sporting a shirt the yellow color that symbolizes the table and there's lots of people queuing up for food and drinks for free. now since the sweet political tensions have been high in the team get it. oppositional groups and the plan supporters bartending called to protest so bad that i think red markings brisbane with dignity. new moon. it's on to the sink office on eric's an address here across the country. in it. going
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the role. he's tall. the air chad cheese the system the monarch in the world. he has no official political power under the thai constitution exert great influence in the political crises that he has a way for me to buy something tribal groups to key into the air before him. that's my attention has been focused on whether to class on thursday to halt the recent turmoil the key to look for signs and without showing support for either of the bible called political groups the most recent outbreak was triggered by prime minister knew not to join railroad a controversial bill to parliament last month. yet been issued reacted sharply to say don't look like my
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older brother of former prime minister seemed to know why returned to thailand. he was the seating two thousand six military coup and is now living in self imposed . on thursday anti government protesters didn't even see it on the grounds of government offices. they plan to restart demonstrations on friday the confrontation between those who are benefiting from thailand's economic growth and those who are being left behind. the opposition groups based in the urban middle class. since the court is rooted in the farming village is supported with jousting programs to win elections. if the issue of the unresolved them on the kings were it not likely to last long we'll be watching the situation as it develops it impacts us in new moon. academics in japan say the paddle it advises the government on nuclear
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power should change his priorities. the atomic energy commission has spent over fifteen years promoting the use of nuclear energy the academics say its members should focus on tackling problems the industry has created the experts say the commission should address a limited number of key challenges facing those challenges should include disposal of radioactive waste and helping government leaders decide how to deal with the crippled nuclear plant and for pushing up the city commission should also make sure nuclear technology is only used for peaceful purposes such as power generation and research the experts plan to finalize their recommendations next week. thousands of workers go inside japan's damage nuclear plant every day but the rarely gets a glimpse of what they do. nhk world you it still cuts a while went inside the focal she met dani to class to take a closer look as teams continue the dangerous and complicated
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job of removing fuel rods from one of the reactor buildings. this is the heart of japan. you people see anymore. we approach these are the guides by bus accompanied by total electorate top company officials. now we approach into the checkpoint said by me smile. this is about the potty km from which the guide to new clip poplar and be on here. access is severely restricted. there were visitors from central center of his website. if phoenix to port eighty one wants to get closer to the dummy reactors is to put on for second key. waters removing spent fuel rods from
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a pool to be out of the field this unit suffered a meltdown. radiation levels remain high because it's close to the other via tips to improve knelt down to the doctor. walker's that struck by the media just a few assembled into rocks beside the pool and place them in a special container the whole process is carried out on the wall to the shield the radiation emitted by the fuel rods to keep them cool. it's cold and it was the view here could lead to massive release of radiation. walker's know there's no group for iraq his team has six highly fortified with. two men with silver braid to remove tissue sample. two other sport. i still felt great. the control of the oval to come. light to
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get to play. he also before the procedure. her supervisor upgrades. think she'd struggle greyish a levels they said high levels before today and approximation. six teams will take the shift of maximum so all was great day. the deer of the levels of radiation walker's friends the proposals. michael c rules for all. which means if i said in its many hours. i would exceed the living force agreed. well what goes on here. hubby. items. year of living. what's interesting though. radiation levels here
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you can lower than we initially estimated to cost isn't it. you are in for us to reduce the workers risk and reduce exposure as much as possible. by improving the working environment. once the container is loaded with fuel assemblies. while crews from story to a storage facility. the teams have to remove more than fifteen hundred assemblies on the bfl for fielding. then the wave struck. fuel from doped me up to one two and three buildings. her mother saying to expect entire operation to beef it is hard to tell them to nt. then cool to have to remove molten fuels from crippled reactors. there's no show taser risk factors here walker is how many stressful and difficult days ahead of him. don't all come to you mr world. up to preach about right to nuclear plant
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the air. for people we are to us. due to some new ones we are convinced the preview the people this was so strong. they stopped building the system was a bit stiff to play the lead up to now the myth that stupid too don't you. the tears around the world have long appreciated japanese cooking dal unesco has decided to add japan's traditional cuisine and food culture to its list of intangible cultural heritage. the organization holds a meeting every year to decide on what new registrations should be included. the system is aimed at protecting important examples of regional customs and traditions around the world. this year's meeting started on monday in
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the capital by azerbaijan japanese cuisine are one stroke who was among thirty one candidates. the new new new and existing schools bonus. i think the listing was too late. we haven't understood enough how much people around the world load washer and delights in local communities. venue of the off season or show cruz based on the japanese spirit of respecting nature. the model i hope people around the world will understand the heart of flesh open as our food culture. in october a body that does preliminary screening of candidates recommended the washer can be added to the list. defence as food culture has become the more countries its twenty seconds intangible heritage elements listed by unesco others include cup of tea and no theater. unesco has recognize something essential to the korean people's diet to king john is the process
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used to make kimchi. unesco declared get to the intangible cultural heritage and its payrolls on a john has more from seoul this is making rounds that the media on the streets. i'm really happy. that's how school he used to snow college has been a token banks globally i sent us all the events going on to celebrate with registration at clinton. one that is not breaking it. i'm not there is much to say as some of the house. i did badly in recent times this case you can't even find and share our international flights. it's an essential part of a korean meal. up until about a decade ago it was made across the country into a row and urban areas. dani is group
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for families and neighbors got together to people chinese taipei. korean style season so drastically altered this is how long this season with varying levels of chilli and salt. sunday's south korea at the same neighborhood come together for the dogs and sierra to finish. can't she. thus become less popular in recent years. due to rapid urbanization and transporting of their family. more people are buying five cents mt here's the thing i didn't buy any of my young people in it as well. a lot though. i don't do qt because it is my second family. he said. i passed its own deadline of the project to protect
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the country's culture. this is the lack of practice if he was done. as my souvenir from korea nineteen eighty and accounts to strengthen the lake cooperation. now our school curriculum so since it came in the tradition. no column. john was elected to cancer could be mass produced in twenty eleven with the formatting but it was done in this country of intangible cultural heritage a poll by the photo carry kitchen inspiration. i'm glad that you don't culture has been recognized by unesco internationally the registration is a good opportunity for kids to learn the reason cited is connected by a strong sense of unity. this is of overpriced an e mail by the government has been working hard to promote its food culture to the world it's working with the private sector to make
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korean and a global brand we didn't have to book off to a hectic registration. some people call that the international community will get a taste of the party's future points and jon and if you're old soul the roads in south korea are looking dramatically dferent these days more and more are switching from driving on four wheels to just two south korea's government has begun pmoting ridg bicles in the country. and so far the program is riding on a path to success nhk roles in key look cool. not the stock all reports he's so sporty year. sophie condition inquisition and the lighting was so futile. austin is prudence. duties and three sons twenty as the third cause to bicycles. those who use bicycle was doing duty
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for teleportation. but for leisure and sports. no sauce koreans haveecome more concerned about their heroes and envonment. and scenes to some nine eleven and twelve shares have gained some theme for this year and the queen your way to get all our own home by schools. he resisted the local governance are increasing the number of bicycles didn't count. in seoul. the fossil interest for ainsley to ten. fourteen form these onto its been so tough though all four of four hundred and forty five stores for lent. that number grows every year. totti who you want ten percent of all automobile drivers use bicycles we'll be saving it to be the end dollars on time lost in congested traffic until one am just a bit as well as one point seven billion dollars in energy
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consumption to find out that had jumped to a saving of three point seven seconds psychopaths are also being sceptical mini play with these loans are being added to existing ones airways or on the news trucks. we're at the east coast parkway. quit with taking traffic lights will link you want lines between the parkway and the hard shoulder. in the long pole beans. what has not been on bicycle path browns are nice and cool. a twenty seven comments and you can imagine so long. when this class is called vedic people we're being tended to be that if we must score his side's by bicycle. will it work. and even before conception has being completed. many soaps are up during that time it was just that. it's feared suck his
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thumb by food and service their bicycles look what it's like an atm. it's a good place to rest with the rest too but as the downsized to increase by colliding. oz on the mobile users blows so does the number of accidents last year. there were seventeen says in accidents two hundred and ninety fiv people were killed. to reduce the number government officers' time to think all is the story being fired employees and their price according to physics. only you and we expect to have twelve million cyclists by the end of this year and month and we plan to continue to expand the infrastructure for them. it's all so yes by thumbnails are turning to bicycles. hopes are high that this year includes the cast of stars planets and their
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aunt connie. just one of the circle in each tier was sold. people around the world have been witnessing an undersea risky bets on call miracle. i'm nigerian man survive three days in an upturned tugboat at the bottom of the atlantic an online video of a diver pulling him out has gone viral. it w a tug boat sank off niger in a swamp by highways. it settled on the seabed thirty meters down the video shows a divers searching for bodies he reaches for a hands and the hand grabs back. the man had spent three days in an air pocket with all the soda for sustenance. he told rescuers he was the ship's
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cook. he says he now hopes to work in a hotel and never wants to go back to see northern europe is dealing with an intense winter storm our meteorologist roberts patton has been following the situation robber. lra now are actually seeing some wins out there in the northern portions of scotland over port stephens scandinavian pencil bring about one hundred eighty kilometers per hour just put in perspective that is really of blowing up an ad definitely hold on their hats but this one because the storm system still cruising off their tours eec to see that low pressure area in the satellite picture. it dramatically intensifies in as the gulag airports friday is still in the moving farther and farther east in all these lines really close together. all that is where we are seeing these winds gusting up there right now and still white squares to see about one hundred forty km route winds along the cool school year is here below countries though you have those wins coming on shore and that i believe it or not is creating alliances to
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warrant surgery in a close by here were seen some of the port's the flooding. i choose to those winds pushing the water on short not to mention we're also looking at some snow fall developing out here that skinny creating awesome white out conditions soft about thirty seven years could be possible so i know they seemed so odd if you plan on traveling out about this storm system odd to think about it twice in the fall i think she checked in on your flights. this is a very high chance of delays targeted see delays cancellations out here. a with its targets to be moving up your toys he's still going into friday boxes still fall out there. the kind of clearing skies still some cooler temperatures and also those windy conditions will be persisting least heading into the weekend was what was going on in the americas where ah another storm system for monitoring here and this one. now the center of low pressure is actually out there courts on cheerios cruising toward the northeast still looking at some snow fall out here though some ears to see additional twenty seven meters on top which departed the scene but you see this cold front stretching down the court south first to start here in
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two portions of texas oklahoma heading out for missouri arkansas. believe it or not some theories here it's the second year of i accumulation of sno fall but ice accumulation that is is to make it for very treacherous driving conditions out here just be careful even walking up your cardio and writing in this stuff up for about twenty thirty centimeters of snow expected north of the freezing wind and i were talking about the freezing line out ahead of the storm where actually seen some fairly warm temperatures up behind it the cold air is coming is coming fast under thirteen there only to hide when the pack farther towards the north minus twenty three to washington dc think are actually missing out on this but take a look at that. on saturday and sunday six and then only a high of two. this does not take into account when scale for even a low temperatures so it is going to be getting really chilly out there. let's switch gears talk about the tropics malaysia thailand you've been seeing some very serious flooding in alaska several days at sea so far this week
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about fifteen thousand people have been displaced in malaysia alone because of this continuous heavy rain not an organized named tropical system uses a tropical wave the problem is it's been sitting here since monday. earlier on this week the applesauce months lived in indonesia. this is looking at the passat seven days the past week. how much rain is falling. some areas by seven hundred millimeters there in the darker purple it is just coming down the good news is going to be tapering off. unfortunately see this here. that is a new storm very well could be a psychotic storm by the weak and sparse northeast asia well we'll below moving through northern japan at springs and still call their the twenty seven years possible but i'll swear some pretty decent whether they're going to weaken us look here what weather has extended forecast. i knew. and. it is
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the eye. it was. thus his
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life for those around you know tommy in tokyo from all of us here at nhk world thanks very much for joining us until next time. the bar the us. half. you are
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